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ABOUT iokei

Feeling lost? Want to work on your mindset? Need some calm space, away from the everyday frenzy? Whatever your need is right now, iokei has something for you.


iokei is the app where you can discover a safe space made just for you. Explore our libraries of podcasts, videos and live classes from experts in the field.

Get some time away from the chaos of life on the notes of relaxing music and nature sounds.

Discover your surroundings following iokei's real life experiences based on where you live.

Access exclusive content by extremely prominent figures on how they reached their success and what they learned along the way.

And finally, find your own path and follow your interests and dreams, in a world of pre-determined journeys.

Image by Tomáš Malík

iokei is a digital platform where you can access content, made by industry experts, relative to mental wellbeing.

You will be able to enjoy iokei's library of content in many different formats, ranging from videos to articles, from podcasts to live classes. Whatever your preference is, you will find something that meets it.

Access our catalogue on any device through our website, and in future through our app.

Stick around for updates!

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